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Monday, December 21, 2009

3 some notes to u

this entry special for my bestfriend
who gonna leave us *desioman* especially.
actually i never want to let you go
i pretend to say this to you,
you just go if you think you are really can do it, just go piqachukk!
yes i was pretend to said it!
but deep in my heart i wont to said that!
sory piqachukk!
its just hurt to let you go ;((
but i still support in whatever you'll do
good luck my bestie ;)
after this, no more...
laugh with you
stupid joke with you again
*tarian kuda kepang*
DRIVER to take us to anywhere
sing along together

sleep together
eat together
overnight together

and much more...
byee piqachukkkk... ;((


*question mark on that line*
current mood : sad, hurt, crying ;((
p/s : good luck to all my friends *LADS* ;)

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Thank you so much, people ! :)

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  1. aku lg la pthetic.
    dala mohon blik bdue.
    dpt la aku knfem ngn due stranger sem dpn ni.

  2. saba la kwn2!
    we have to support her k.
    go piqachukk!!


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