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Saturday, May 29, 2010

4 this is SCARY~

one day my grandma said to me,
eyna pula bila mahu kahwin??
wahh it was really shocking me out!
haiyaaa grandma, its so early for me to get that!
and for the truth i really not ready for it
and its too scare!
HAHA its sound silly right
but its true and i dont know why i'm saying like that
btw, i will get marry grandma!
and u dont have to worry yarhh ;)

hey guys meet my dinosaur, KIKI ;D

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Thank you so much, people ! :)

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  1. wake up dude!!!!
    u're 20!!!!!
    dah ckp tua dah....boleh kawen...ahahahaha...
    unlike me....i'm still super duper 19!!haha...>.>

  2. eyna pula bile mau kahwen??

  3. bweeekkkk!!
    u're getting 20's too la dear
    haha ;D
    btw, i doesnt have a sense of marriage! ;p

  4. ayen : dont ask that question to me anymore. TIDAKKK~


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