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Monday, December 27, 2010

2 .: crazymessyday :.

bahaha ! finally I can jump and scream out loud
since I cant done it cos busy damn crazy !
pity me * hehh ! ☺
By the way, I want to thank my cousin, neddy for getting me a free ticket
Its not free at all actually ! haha.
Okay, I dont want to waste
my time for story about the gig.
Please refer to the pitchas below here :-


the stuff of rocktheworld
got free band CD *promo*

around gig
* me, wan and adeq without una

sitting after done freak crazy dance and
waiting for the next band

fyi, he is not my bf
he is friend of mine :)

while music speak out loud !

with my lil sissy
she's not very well on the day but
finally she can stand until the end
*you made it gemok ! haha

the stage with bright red screen

gerhana ska cinta performance
people move their crazy ska feet on the floor !

crowd action
*before the day turns to rain

crowd on the dance floor even its actually on the tar floor

scream out loud !

move it move it !

one butch short performance
feels like a zombie. haha !

rawr note ;
Had a crazy messy day with my friends, lil sissy and cousin *not in the pitcha
bilion thanks for those guys ! :)

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Thank you so much, people ! :)

budak (s) comel mengintai :)



  1. that's true sis ! i'm not in a great mood that time so u missed up my crazy movement && sorry i can't dance && scream well just like before this. HAHA :)

    ILY (xoxo)

  2. haha. its okay gemok !
    not a big deal la.
    as long as you've been there


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