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Aku tiada nama yang gah, jadi karyaku hanya dipandang halimunan.
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

6 damn true ?

Yesterday I took one of quizzes that I found in FB.
Tittle = When will you get married or shortform (W2YGM)
and I answered the quiz with honestly and no cheating. HAHA !
Okay after a few minutes, I done answer it.
Then I click the button.
and the result come out on screen.
Result = Eyna Puzi got never married !


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Thank you so much, people ! :)

budak (s) comel mengintai :)



  1. haha. mari mari try !
    nanti bagitau result kau apa tau.
    haha :PP

  2. is it right ? hahha, oke oke well we see it 5 years from now oke sis :)

  3. hahaha. nonsense do app kat fb.


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