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Sunday, May 15, 2011

2 incidentgeram

Late evening, around 7.00pm
I was fitting my clothes with my sis
when my mom arrived at home then she was yelling and babbling!

reason :
I wasn't clean plates in sink yet since yesterday.
**alamak mati !
**okay I know I am so lazy mom :/

action :
Then I was ran and quickly done my work and my mom still babbling at me
**okayy I'm cleaning and listening to you mom

the point is :
while I'm cleaning and scolded by my mom,
my dad was laughing at me ! even my siblings too.

yaa that point okay.
Its okay guys* refer to abah and nana then wait for your turn haa.
harharharr ! **gelakgeram

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Thank you so much, people ! :)

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    You deserved it sis! I told you so many time but you are DEAF !

    After this you have to do all my duty at home. Don't be lazy dear :)

  2. haha i dont want to ! upah bibik laa . haha :DD


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